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"I live and work in Philadelphia. My art speaks to my preoccupations – the railroad and women. I have been making art ever since I can remember (mostly drawings of naked ladies) – but I’ve recently picked it back up again in earnest as a way to process my experience cleaning up the “heroin hellscape railroad tracks” -- I am so struck by both the horror of the “opioid crisis” and by the beauty I saw down by the tracks: ravaged youth and a constantly evolving tapestry of graphic art. And then there’s the railroad itself.  I love the history and romanticism; the industry and vast scope; the genius; the engineering, the maps, the way the tracks scar the earth. Iron bound. Built on the backs of so many. Industry’s desire to pin down the land. And my arc to Arcturus and spike to Spika -- is mankind’s desire to pin down the feminine.  To bind her in hoops of iron, to pin and hem her in. I love plexiglass, neon, pins, foam insulation and parallel play art projects with my two little girls. My current focus is on craftsmanship, and “finishing” pieces." - Jocelyn Gabrynowicz Hill

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