Collection: Between Us Is a Namelessness

Inliquid Gallery 
1400 N American St, Philadelphia PA, 19122
On view Nov 16 – Dec 30, 2023 
2nd Thursday Opening Reception: Dec 14, 6 –9
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The three artists in Between Us is a Namelessness work around the poetics of observation. Through invented tools and observational practices, each artist proposes methods to record and quantify the intangible. What does measuring the space between oneself and a memory or an idea mean? Through cyclical and repetitive processes, all three artists engage with nonlinear time and complex relationships to space. Rick Salafia offers a series of ‘Instruments’ ruled to measure absence, longing, and subjective distances rather than inches or centimeters. Megan Biddle’s sculptures measure the volume of hollow spaces, imbuing absence with surface tension, gravity, and weight. Julianna Foster engages family archival photos of scientific glacier observatories in Greenland, offering landscapes which speak also to the inner worlds of ‘objective’ observers. Throughout, shifts in scale offer disorientation from the familiar, posing challenges to the concept of detached (neutral/objective) observation in favor of rich relationships to emptiness, and a suggestion of a negative space which is always/already full. 

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Megan Biddle

Julianna Foster

Rick Salafia

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