Orange Pup Votive

Orange Pup Votive

Michael Biello
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Size: 9"H x 7"W

Materials: Clay and metal

Artist's Statement

I believe that art is a healing force in the world. My work is spirit driven. I honor this spirit by giving it voice - by bringing together diverse elements to create a sense of peace love harmony and balance.

"Biello draws upon his experiences … transforming them into vignettes that seem like updates of Federico Fellini."
- Philadelphia Inquirer

Artist's Biography

Michael Biello is a ceramic sculptor who draws inspiration from his Italian-American roots and his passion for theatre. Biello is one of the artisan/makers who helped create the revivals of Old City Philadelphia in the 1970’s and Noho New York in the 1990’s. Biello's work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous private collections including many in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his work in visual art, Biello has a long history as a performance artist and lyricist in collaboration with his life-partner, composer Dan Martin.