FG: Amtrac Platter

FG: Amtrac Platter

Frank M. Gaydos
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Frank Gaydos

Amtrac, 2019
Terra Cotta Clay
16" Diameter

The platters can be used functionally on a table or hung decoratively on the wall.

Interested in decorative objects, Frank Gaydos uses terra cotta clay to make platters that can be used as functional objects, or viewed as objects of contemplation. Inspired by MC Escher and Mimbres pottery, Gaydos designs his own stencils to create geometric , and often maze-like linear designs.

Banana Stamp influence:
"I have been exploring color along with hand-made self-designed stencils. Inspired by my odd collection of “Banana Stickers” from around the world. The tiny stickers are a designer's challenge, trying to cram a memorable logo, company name, country of origin, and a 4 digit scan code onto a piece of paper the size of your thumbnail. It is exciting to see how the designs change from one phase to the next, drawing on the past, experimenting for the future."