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Pamela Tudor is a painter and creator of shadow boxes. She works in acrylics and mixed media. After receiving an M.A. in Applied Psychology from New York University, she attended four years of art school in NYC. Pamela has shown at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Fairmount Waterworks, the Marriott at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and the Noyes Museum in Oceanville, NJ. Her work is often on display at galleries in Philadelphia and is in private collections in NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Artist Statement
As an artist, my goal is to reach something deeply felt in the collective imagination. In spite of the losses of our times - climate change and the dangers it claims on our lives and future generations - the violence perpetrated on each other--COVID 19, I find I still must create works of awareness, renewal, and beauty.
The beauty of our one-and-only sacred home is one of my themes, as is the full consciousness of living. I wish not to “tell” a story as much as express something ineffable that touches the unconscious as well as the conscious mind.
This work is my way of expressing my being in the world.
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