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In the time between projects and duties, my phone has become my sketchbook. These collages were made with the a number of apps, PS Express and PhotoshopMix primarily. They are simple exercises to keep my eye thinking and my poetic heart open. My interest in photography is as a source for collages.
By themselves, my raw photographs lack technical prowess or even rudimentary qualities. But as a source for my collages these failings serve as quirky human marks. I latch on to them as starting point as progress outward.
I selected the metallic prints to retain some of the luminosity of the original media (backlight screen).


Brian David Dennis was born in 1959, raised in a home with movable walls designed by his father, an aspiring artist. The fluidity of the modular arrangement captured Brian’s imagination. His mother, a kindergarten teacher encouraged Brian’s constant building.

As a student Brian considered following his passion for stage design, but sought the more personal expression of fine arts. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy and settled into mixed media. He later began to explore installation using the exhibition location as an essential part of the piece.

A life long resident of Pennsylvania, Brian has been in Philadelphia since 1984 with his life partner Keith Breitfeller. He began exhibiting with Vox Populi and remained an active member for 15 years. He has held solo exhibits at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Sande Webster Gallery, Fleisher Challenge and recently in Krems, Austria. He has been granted an Independence Foundation Fellowship and other awards.

To find out more about Brian David Dennis' work visit InLiquid and visit his Square profile.

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